A few of the volunteer opportunities that are available---

These are just a few of the many Volunteer Opportunities available at Unity of The blue Ridge.  If you would like to be involved, please contact the church office at 88-891-8700.

Kitchen- We are currently looking for volunteers for Hospitality

The HEART of the home is the KITCHEN!  Three kinds of volunteers are needed:  1.  Overseeing the constancy of a well-ordered kitchen  2. Making sure the coffee making slots are full for a few months at a time  3. Laundering the cloth towels on one of the four (sometimes 5th) Sundays a month. 4.) Assisting with kitchen needs during special events (Memorial Services, concerts.)  

The Welcome Team - Suka Chapel

We are currently looking for more volunteers for Greeters

Greeters and Ushers are the Hosts to all new people who arrive at Unity of the Blue Ridge.  A friendly greeting, handshake or hug can help a newcomer feel "at home". Ushers hand out monthly bulletins and collect a love offering during the service.  Both Greeters and Ushers often answer questions regarding the church, etc. To volunteer, please contact Suka Chapel-Horst at: Sukachapel@gmail.com

PowerPoint Team - Susan Poncini

We are currently looking for more volunteers for PowerPoint

The PowerPoint slides are an integral part of our Sunday Service experience. No technical experience needed. It's as easy as pressing a button! One person is needed for each Service and Special events; 9:45am, 11:30am and Special Events. For more information, please contact Susan Poncini at sjponcini@gmail.com

Unity Care Team—Phoebe Reed

Unity Care team ministry supports church members in times of  health challenges, or loss through visits, calls , cards ,assistance with errands , food preparation, transportation to appointments and light housekeeping. We have also organized and assisted with receptions followings the least two memorial services at Unity.

Feed the Kids—Geri Conley

Our Unity team has been serving meals on Fridays at the Boys and Girls Club In Hendersonville for over five years now. Feed the Kids is a coalition comprised of local faith based groups who came together and made the dream of feeding kids a nutritious dinner before the weekend school break. Once every six weeks, we plan menus, shop for food. cook the dinners, deliver the meals and  lastly serve the meals. We are currently serving 300 kids a week and in the summer we will expect 400 or more.

CD/DVD Duplicating - Judy Starkweather

Duplicate CD's and DVD's from a Sunday Serve (and Special Services if available.) One Team Member is needed each week following the first service.  The number of CD's and DVD's are coordinated with Cynthia Biddle, Unity Connections Bookstore Manager.

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