Facility Rental

Personal ceremonies such as weddings and memorial services are welcome from all denominations and faiths and with all ministers and other faith leaders. Marriage equality is celebrated. Unity of The Blue Ridge also hosts a variety of workshops, meetings and other gatherings to outside groups for primarily non-profit activities which are compatible with the vision of Unity of The Blue Ridge

Unity of The Blue Ridge is available to rent for celebrations of life events which may include weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorial services, awards ceremonies and other celebrations. 

Requests for building use and questions about rental rates should be submitted to the Church Office Administrator: unity@unitync.net or (828) 891-8700.  A Facility Rental Agreemen will be forwarded to you.  Information on fees and deposits is available there.   We are open and inclusive, although we reserve the right to refuse any rentals we deem contrary to Unity principles.

Our facility is handicapped accessible, and is a non-smoking facility (OK to smoke outdoors by ashtrays). In keeping with our sustainability pledge, recycling is expected. Please note that smudging inside is not possible due to the smoke detector system.

FEES: Building fees are set according to the size of space and the duration of rental. Fees for a single use of the space are determined from the following guidelines. Fee reductions for multiple day or week events will be determined by the minister or administrator.

Unity of The Blue Ridge facilities are available for use by members of our Unity Center for a Love Offering.

Sanctuary (includes Lobby)

3,500 sq ft. Includes: seating for up to 230 in comfortable, movable chairs; baby grand piano, full sound system, stage area.  Piano and Drums may be used ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL. (See Sound Tech below for additional resources)


We have a full Kitchen, equipped with commercial Refrigerator, commercial Freezer, 2 electric Stoves/Ovens, 1 Microwave, 1 Food-warmer, commercial Dishwasher, 3 urns (Coffee, Decaf, Hot Water); Bunn coffeemaker (by the 10-cup pot).  Tiled service counter w/pass-thru to kitchen. Recylcling and leaving kitchen clean expected.


Large concrete patio connected to the church (use of Chapel in case of rain.) Use of tables & chairs for patio can be added.

Nursery and Playroom

These are free with any other rental.  Equipped with TV/VCR, toys, sink & diaper-changing counter.  You will need to provide your own Childcare person.

Other Resources

TECH ROOM in Sanctuary: Includes use of trained Tech and the Sound SystemAudio/Visual Equipment, & PowerPoint Projector. May be used ONLY by prior arrangement.

  • Sound Tech: If you wish to use the sound system for any purpose, you will need a Sound Tech to set up and run the equipment. (Exception: No charge for a simple wedding in which Lytingale is performing.) 

  • Equipment includes: 24 channel sound system; CD recorder; Cassette player; Computer & Powerpoint Projector & large screen; CD, DVD, VHS players.

Sanctuary Instruments: Available with prior approval only for use by trained musicians.

Easel frames: Are available and will be placed in rooms if requested at time of rental. Easel pads, pens and other supplies must be provided by renter.

Tables or Chairs: Included with rental of Chapel or Multi-Purpose Room.  

CUSTODIAN: includes table / chair set-up, vacuuming, trash hauling, bathrooms, etc.

2041 Old Fanning Bridge Road, Mills River, NC 28759