The Community Labyrinth

The CommUnity Labyrinth is open to anyone in the community and handicap accessible.

Dedicated in September 2009, our 7-path Labyrinth is 50' diameter, with a hard pack white gravel surface between rows of bricks, for easy access for people walking or in a wheelchair.  The 7-Path Classic Labyrinth is the oldest labyrinth design known in the world (since about 3,500 BC).

The Purpose of the Labyrinth is to invite and facilitate universal healing and well-being for ALL through loving, light-filled prayer.

One of the things that distinguishes a labyrinth from a maze is that all paths lead to the center. 

You can never be lost in a labyrinth. 
All you need to do is keep walking the Path.

 The original Labyrinth Team did fundraising for the entire cost of the materials for Labyrinth, and provided the actual construction, from June into September, 2009.

Since then, a new Labyrinth team continues to upgrade and maintain this inspired gift to our greater community.