Interfaith Assistance Ministry Back to School Drive - August Community Outreach

It's school supply drive time at Interfaith Assistance Ministry and we are collecting school supplies for its annual drive.

Donations can be dropped off at the designated table in the lobby at Unity of The Blue Ridge. Bring them to Unity services on Sunday, or during the week, Tuesdays - Fridays, 10 AM - 5 PM

The most needed supplies are:

  • Large, sturdy backpacks for high school students
  • three-ring binders (1-and-a-half-inch and 2 inch)
  • dividers
  • notebook paper (wide and college-ruled)
  • pocket folders
  • colored pencils
  • colored markers (bold and fine line)
  • crayons (24 pack)
  • pink erasers
  • rulers
  • highlighters
  • pencils and pencil sharpeners
  • pens
  • pencil pouches and boxe
  • index cards
  • glue sticks
  • safety scissors
  • calculators

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting area children!

Meditation for the Love of It - facilitated by Gayle Ray - Every 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 - 7:30 PM & Every 2nd Wednesday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Join Gayle Ray as she offers “Meditation for the Love of It” twice a month.   This is the title of a book by Sally Kempton that will be used as a guide.  We’ll discuss ideas from the book and do guided meditations.

Every 2nd Tuesday evening and every 2nd Wednesday afternoon! 

We will explore different ways of going within and connecting with the Divine Self and living from that place of connection and awareness.  Also we will explore the loving devotional heart and the objective Knower – Awareness – and fusing these two aspects of the Self together.   

This class is for beginners and seasoned meditators.  We will cover posture, mantra, breath, grounding, quick centering techniques, and do a number of guided meditations that lead us further into a state of oneness with the Beloved.

These monthly events are given on a love offering basis and all are welcome. 

For more information, please contact Gayle Ray at:

Living Your Dreams by Unlocking Your Subconscious A Manifesting & Healing Workshop with Dr. Garland Landrith - Sunday, September 2nd, 1:00 - 4:30pm & Monday, September 3rd, 6:30 - 9:30pm

Many of you know about Dr Landrith from the Movie What the Bleep as well as from Deepak Chopra and Neil Donald Walsch. At this seminar you will learn energy techniques including tapping/EFT and the Quantum Love Flow to help demonstrate how these energy techniques will manifest abundance in your life. These techniques are totally unique because they clear out your subconscious blocks to abundance as well as also enhance your psychic ability. Remember If we have doubts and fears in our subconscious then these doubts and fears are also being manifested. These techniques can actually create an entirely new brain matrix  reflecting love, abundance, and confidence. 

You will learn how to 'get out of the way' so that 'The Quantum' flows through you creating the life of your dreams. Remember when you want something you are attracting lack because you do not have it. All the research proves that we are Quantum Beings so we might as well use the Quantum to manifest inner and outer abundance. Prepare to have your life transformed.  

  • Learn to Manifest Your Dreams & Heal Blocks in a Unique Way   
  • Reframe the Negative Thought Patterns into Positive ones
  • Create a new Brain Matrix Enabling Abundance to Flow Freely   
  • Use the Quantum Love Flow as way to Heal and Create Miracles
  • Transform Your Life into One that is Trigger Free
  • Find and Heal the Subconscious Core Issues that Hold You Back 

This seminar is unique because it is oriented around using EFT/Tapping for positive purposes...including how to increase the “feel good” chemicals in your brain to get a job, or be in the Zone!

Join in this Life-Changing, Two-Day Workshop
Sunday, September 2   1:00 - 4:30pm Monday, September 3  6:30 - 9:30pm
** If you are unable to attend Sunday, please come early Monday at 5:30pm

Registration/tickets available online:

Course Fee: $49 for Both Days  | $39 for One Day
Participants also receive these Free Materials included ($75 value): Instructional DVDs on Manifestation, Manual on EFT and Numerous Papers

* Dr. Landrith is Available for Personal Appointments on Monday & Tuesday*


Feed the Kids - Friday, September 7th

Unity of The Blue Ridge serves in turn with other organizations in support of Feed the Kids Coalition in Henderson County. Volunteers help prepare the food here at Unity of The Blue Ridge, then the food is transferred to the Boys & Girls Club in Hendersonville, where approximately 300 children are served! 

If you would like to volunteer in any area, please contact Geri Conley at:


Future Dates for Feed the Kids:

September 7th

October 19th 

November 30th

Upcoming Unity Retreats and Conferences

  • Unity Retreat - Annual UMMAS Retreat at Kanuga Conference Center - September 25-28, 2018

    Rise Up ~ Welcome to the Evolution!

    Keynote Speaker: Rev Margaret Hiller, Unity of Myrtle Beach SC; Keynote Musician: Rev. Christy Snow returning for a second year!

    “The time is ripe for the advent of a new race, the advent of the spiritualized human. We have within us innate spiritual capacities that stretch back through infinity.” -Charles Fillmore

    What if…we are witnessing and participating in our own evolution – the ever unfolding, ever expanding, ever awakening consciousness of humankind?
    What if…on some level we chose to be here at this time amidst all that is happening on the planet with the purpose of helping and assisting each other in the Revelation – the revealing of what Unity calls Christ Consciousness.
    What if...we have everything we need and require to ‘rise up and show up’ and ‘Be the Christ/the Buddha/the Divine Mother/the Presence of Healing/the Presence of Love’ matter what’s going on in the world around us?
    Since the future is yet to be created and creation is an inside job, our Calling is to speak, imagine, respond, act, live from the ‘Heart’ – rather than from fear-based thoughts and actions. This is Metanoia – the revelation that WE ARE the Light of the World.

    Please visit:

  • Unity 2018 Eastern Region Fall C.A.R.E. Conference - September 23-27, 2018

    This year, the Eastern Region Fall C.A.R.E. Conference will take place in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia.

    "We are pleased to share a program of events and activities with a strong Unity core as well as new approaches to connection, alignment, renewal and enrichment."

    Kick-off Speaker: Marianne Williamson, Keynote: Dr. Carmen Smith, Special Music: Jan Garrett and JD Martin.

    Its host ministry, Unity of Charlottesville, calls this beautiful natural backdrop home and is only one mile from our conference hotel. Unity of Charlottesville is a center for spiritual growth and healing dedicated to uplifting consciousness in our community and our world. Their beautiful sanctuary and fellowship hall are the location for our Wednesday mid-week service during the Conference and healing sessions will be available during Conference week in their healing center (and in the Prayer and Meditation room at the hotel). Their amazing outdoor labyrinth is modeled after Chartres and is available for contemplative walking throughout the week.

    Please Visit:

  • SE Regional Unity Conference "Coming Into the New Paradigm" - October 15 - 18, 2018

    Presentations and Music includes:

    Daniel Nahmod - Imagine being fully immersed in the presence of Daniel Nahmod, not only being blessed by his powerful and soulful music throughout the conference, but ALSO with TWO heart-opening workshops! "Being Like Water" and "Making it Count: Maximizing the Impact of Every Musical Moment."

    "Speak to Inspire" with Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson,

    3-Part Workshop with The Peace and Justice Institute: Session I: Waking Up to Our Shared Humanity; Session II: Conversations on Race; Session III: Conversations on Privilege,

    “Quantum You: Dancing in the New Paradigm” with Rev. Elizabeth Longo,

    "t's Not About Sex; It's About Power" with Rev. Beth Head,

    Location: Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center, Orlando, FL

    Please Visit: