Holy Week Services

  • Good Friday, April 19th, 6:30 PM - Join Rev. Laura and Rev. Christy for a special Good Friday service.
  • Easter Sunrise Service - Sunday, April 21st, 6:45 AM - Join Rev. Laura for an uplifting Easter Sunrise Service at our CommUnity Labyrinth (weather permitting.) Following the Sunrise Service, a group will plan to meet for breakfast at Costa's Kitchen 4055 Hendersonville Rd., Fletcher.  
  • Easter Sunday Services - Sunday, April 21st, 9:45 & 11:30 AM - Join Rev. Darlene for an inspiring Easter message and special music by Kat Williams, Rhoda Weaver, our Unity Band & more!

April Outreach - Collecting Items for Migrant Field Workers

The Henderson County Public Schools Migrant Education Program (MEP) is designed to improve educational opportunities for migrant children who change schools frequently and often miss school due to their parents’ transient work in agriculture.

The staff works in close partnership with schools, parents, health and social service agencies, and the community at large to identify and serve migrant families.

Unity of The Blue Ridge will be collecting items for parents of these children who arrive this time of year to begin working in the fields.  

Items to be collected: (for men and women)

  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Hats (preferably with a brim all around)
  •  Bandanas


New!!! Unity Habitat Team Saturday Workdays - Beginning this Month - Saturday, April, 27th - 9 AM - 1 PM

Good news!  Our Unity Habitat Team, which works together sharing their talents, time and laughter has heard your request to have one of their work days moved to Saturday!  Beginning this month the Unity Habitat Team will meet on the 2nd Friday and 4th Saturday.  Come between 9 AM - 1 PM and join in helping with a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. 

“Waltzing out-of-Town” - CD Release Celebration Concert with the Richard Shulman Trio - Sunday April 28 at 1:30 pm

Announcing a  CD Release Celebration Concert with the Richard Shulman Trio

“Waltzing out-of-Town”

Sunday April 28 at 1:30 pm 

Richard Shulman - piano

Zack Page - bass

Rick Dilling - drums

Waltzing out-of-Town is a collection of Richard’s Jazz songs from the 1970s to this decade.

Richard was gifted an amazing portrait of the trio in performance by artist Marsha Hammel (featured on the CD cover).


This music is sweet and dynamic. This concert is not-to-be-missed!

Tickets only $10 for this special concert

Living with Soul with renowned author and mythologist Michael Meade - Friday, May 3rd, 7 - 9 PM - $15

 Join renowned author and mythologist Michael Meade for an evening of surprising ideas, a soulful and mythological view of current affairs and a resounding collective call to find unity and wholeness in this time of conflict and confusion

We are living through an extended moment of radical change that is life-defining as well as life-changing. The storms and tragedies of contemporary life can be seen as a spiritual crisis where we must find a greater sense of self and soul or become more subject to increasing feelings of anxiety and helplessness.

The current loss of meaning in life and denial of truth imperils the heart and soul of human culture. Changes at the level of the individual soul can generate the collective energy needed to change the conditions of the world. This is an event about the necessity of making soul at a time when the world seems to be losing its soul.

Tickets: $15 - Click HERE to purchase tickets!

To learn more about Mosaic Voices/Michael Meade, Please visit: https://www.mosaicvoices.org/

"Walk as One at 1" - World Labyrinth Day - Saturday, May 4th - 1 PM

Celebrate World Labyrinth Day on Saturday, May 4, 2019 and join over 5,000 people taking steps for peace, 'Walking as One at 1' in the afternoon. Come enjoy an intentional and prayerful experience at our Unity Labyrinth and join others worldwide. For the 10th Anniversary in 2018, there were participants in over 35 countries!

Paths of Awakening Workshop with renowned author and mythologist Michael Meade - Saturday, May 4th, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM - $95

Join renowned author and mythologist Michael Meade for an all-day workshop exploring themes that include:  Initiation and the Soul ● The Acorn Myth ● A Collective Rite of Passage ● Paths to the Sacred

Regardless of age or status, each person carries an innate connection to the accumulated treasure of the human soul. This inner inheritance includes surprising capacities for creation, but also instincts for survival and the energy needed for genuine transformation.

Awakening to one’s inner story and finding life-long initiatory paths comprises the “real work” and genuine opus of our lives. The problem is that the exact paths of awakening are blocked by received ideas, early life traumas and over-adaptation to the needs of others. In the long run however, genuine transformation is the secret aim of all the tensions and troubles we encounter.

When in touch with the soul’s mythic thread we can find the arts and practices, the aims and meanings that allow our souls to grow deeper, our imagination to expand and our spirits to awaken. Living consciously and mindfully means finding creative ways to deliver, to a world ruled by scarcity and fear, the living truth of our lives and the inner abundance of the soul.

Registration: $95 Click HERE to register for Saturday Workshop

To learn more about Mosaic Voices/Michael Meade, please visit: https://www.mosaicvoices.org/



Feed the Kids - Friday, May 17th

Unity of The Blue Ridge serves in turn with other organizations in support of Feed the Kids Coalition in Henderson County. Volunteers help prepare the food here at Unity of The Blue Ridge, then the food is transferred to the Boys & Girls Club in Hendersonville, where approximately 300 children are served! 

If you would like to volunteer in any area, please contact Geri Conley at: geri5@att.net

Future Dates for Feed the Kids:



Free meditation by Sri Swamiji - Friday, May 17th, 7 - 9 PM

Hundreds of Yogis are engaged in spiritual practices at any given time on our planet.   But the opportunity to be in the company of a true Yogi is rare indeed. 

Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, a true Yogi from India who has been teaching and guiding the public for more than five decades, will be offering a Free Meditation Program at Unity of The Blue Ridge on Friday, May 17, 7:00pm.

Sri Swamiji teaches an ancient form of dhyan yoga (a meditation practice) that was taught to him by his Guru.  This meditation is practiced by many saints and sadhus for the spiritual attainment of Self-Realization and God-Realization. Through daily meditation, one can experience inner peace, understanding of the world and others, and deeper spiritual states.

The evening will consist of Meditation Initiation, Devotional Songs and an opportunity to speak one-on-one with Sri Swamiji for personal guidance. Sri Swamiji comes as a true friend to all who seek his company; offering meditation, loving counsel and guidance.

Additional area programs with Sri Swamiji include a multiple-day Retreat in Flat Rock (registration required), a one-day Sacred Fire Ceremony, and additional Free Meditation programs. For details, please visit shivabalamahayogi.com.

Girl Tribe (for Teenage Girls) - New 6-Month Session opens and begins Sunday, May 19th

After a successful and blessed first six months, Girl Tribe, our monthly group for teen girls, is starting a new session.

Elder Sharon Oxendine has led the girls through a process of self-discovery and spiritual connections, providing exercises each month to invite the girls into a deeper relationship with themselves, each other and Spirit. Through creative activities and reflective rituals, the girls explored who they came here to be.

The group was closed so that the teens could form bonds of trust with each other and is now being opened for another 6-month session. Starting with breakfast at 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 19, the girls will meet each 3rd Sunday of the month. After the first month, they will meet at 11:00, during the 2nd service, for 90 minutes.

If you know any young women aged 13-18 who might want to join, please have them contact Rev. Laura Collins for more information.

Story Medicine for Racial Healing with Meta Commerce - Saturday, June 29th, 10 AM - 1 PM / $25

Join Meta Commerce & Rev. Darlene for an insightful experience and powerful dialogue 

  • Learn the ancient indigenous work of story medicine. 
  • Understand and awaken to the race-based oppression inherent in today's social climate.
  • Engage in dialogue with excercises that liberate us and move us toward truth and healing.

Space is limited to 40 participants - Pre-Registration is requited.

Cost: $25 - Register in our bookstore.