Feed the Kids - Friday, May 26th, 2017

Volunteer with "Feed the Kids” of Henderson County. Opportunities to serve include cooking at Unity, transporting food and/or serving at the Boys and Girls Club in Hendersonville.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Geri Conley at: 828-697-4213 or email: geri5@att.net  

Flower of Life Energetic Boundaries with Sandra Sullivan - 6-week series - Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.. beginning May 30th - $125

Sacred Insights with Sandra Sullivan Presents:

Flower of Life Energetic Boundaries 

Put a nozzle on the hose of your energetic transmission and receiving!

  • Strength your core strengthen your Light (energy)
  • Where does your energy end and theirs begin?
  • Do you find yourself reading other peoples energy?

Let us clear up energetic clutter by learning to:

  • Contain your energy
  • Setting strong energetic Boundaries
  • Return to sender unwanted energies

6 week sessions starting May 30, 2017 @ Unity of The Blue Ridge

Time 6:30 to 8:30 pm Tuesdays

Fee $125.00

Call Rev. Christy @ 828-891-8700 for more information or to reserve your seat.

Sacred Insights Message Circle with Sandra Sullivan, Every 1st Wednesday of the Month, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Join Sandra Sullivan for an evening of insight and wisdom!

Sandra works with the Counsel of Ancients and the Counsel of Ages.  They deliver a group message as well is personal messages for individuals in the group time permitting.

Each message has information for each person. Time permitting there is a question and answer opportunity. You can ask Global or personal questions.

Fee: $15.00 per person 

About Sandra: Sandra is a gifted and talented Spiritual Intuitive and Tarot Reader. She has been assisting others with her gifts of insight since the 1980’s. The Hansen-Roberts Tarot is the deck she uses to guide her readings along. Sandra is a Reiki Master/ Teacher and gifted healer as well. She walks the Red Path and frequently holds teaching circles in her home. In addition, Sandra does coaching, training and empowerment seminars locally and on a national level. “Helping others find their spiritual self and personal empowerment is my Soul/Life’s work.” Sandra’s work is direct, no-nonsense, honest and from the heart.

Sandra has been assisting others with her insight and spiritual counseling for nearly 30 years. She possesses extraordinary listening skills and innately knows the precise question to ask … at the right time. These skills are magnified with clarity. The information delivered is a reverent sharing, conducted in a sensitive manner, dedicated to your upliftment, and heightened awareness of your personal spiritual journey.

Sandra uses many tools for your enlightening experience. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Tarot Instructor, Gifted Intuitive and a Channel for the Highest Good for All Concerned, she offers a grand opportunity for enlightenment and spiritual growth. The information she receives provides personal insight and practical application in your moment to moment awareness and activities.

Summer Solstice Ceremony with Rev. Michelle Smith, Wednesday, June 21st, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

When we honor the Wheel of the Year, we can see the cycles of our own lives reflected in Nature.

Experience a rich and lively ritual for acknowledging and celebrating all that is flourishing in your life from seeds of inspiration and the sprouting of desires during the growth cycle of spring.

We’ll gather in Circle to learn about Summer Solstice, this quarter day festival on the Wheel of the Year, that falls between the cross-quarter days of Beltane or May Day in the spring and Lammas (the forgotten holy day) in the late summer.

From the seeds of inspiration and the sprouts of desire the Earth is blossoming, blooming and bursting with Life.  As we celebrate the Sun, our source of life on the physical Earth, we honor the activity of the Infinite Source of All That Is. On the longest day of the year, we’ll call upon our inner Divine Masculine joined with our inner Queen of Heaven archetypes, exploring how you are being invited to nourish, sustain and cultivate that which has been manifested, life that supports your soul’s purpose toward continued flourishing and harvest.

Love Offering. 

For more information, please contact Rev. Michelle Smith at: themichellesmith or Tamera Helms at: tamera@inhealing.net