Our Love Is Power! Join the Movement!

 Love connects us through our common spirit and emboldens us to actively live as a Beloved CommUnity.  Love unites us in Peace, Compassion, Generosity and Respect for the sanctity of humanity, Mother Earth, and all creation.  

Our Love is power.  Empowered Love is greater than any authority or influence acting in service of prejudice, greed, divisiveness, hatred or violence.

Our power is Love.  We pledge our Love in Action.  We Stand up, Speak up and Show up in support and common caring for each other, all creatures and Mother Earth.
Manifesto & Pledge

I stand as an Ambassador, Advocate and Activist for the sanctity of All life.

I AM my brothers keeper, I AM my sisters keeper, I AM a keeper of the Earth and all sentient beings.

I commit to TURN UP the volume of Love, Dignity and Respect for All. I commit to STAND UP and TAKE LOVING ACTION as needed.

I will not become numb or disconnectedor pretend I don't see the harm or wrongdoing.

I will not remain silent when Love needs a voice.  Not only do I proclaim a belief of inclusivity and love.

I AM now championing our emerging world of a Beloved CommUnity.

I will Stand Up.  I will Speak Up.  I will Show Up!

I Pledge My Love  in Action... Will you join me?


Please visit:  www.ourloveispower.org