Spiritual Summit - June 10th

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Unity of The Blue Ridge brings Marianne Williamson,

Rickie Byars Beckwith, Hawaiian Wisdom Keepers Lei'ohu Ryder,

Rev. Jack Bomar and more... to ignite our empowered Love in Action.


"I stand as an Ambassador, Advocate and Activist

for the sanctity of All life.

I AM my brother’s keeper, I AM my sister’s keeper,

I AM a keeper of the Earth and all sentient beings.

I commit to TURN UP the volume of Love,

Dignity and Respect for All.

I commit to STAND UP and take

LOVING ACTION as needed.

I will not become numb or disconnected…

or pretend I don't see the harm or wrongdoing.

I will not remain silent when Love needs a voice.

Not only do I proclaim a beliefof inclusivity and love,

I AM now championing our emerging world of a

Beloved commUnity.

I will Stand Up.  I will Speak Up.  I will Show Up! ©

I will Pledge My Love – in Action."