Feasibility Study Presentation Video

Feasibility Study Update - Updated 5/15/2018

The Unity of The Blue Ridge Board of Trustees hired Sims and Steele as the local company who will work with us on our Feasibility Study and Capital Campaign. Donna Ensley is the consultant who will be working most closely with us over the next 3 months to complete the feasibility study.

The committee working with her has been chosen by the board and has begun work. They are: Donna Brickey, Rev. Laura Collins (for the staff), Bobbi Flowers (for the Board), Jim Lane, Judie McKown (for financial information), Sharon Oxendine, Randy Rea, and Michael Winner. This team has worked with the professionals to prepare a case study, develop and lead a presentation for people to be interviewed, review interview questions, review survey questions, and review the resulting report before it is presented.

Big Picture of the Feasibility Study Process timeline:

Project Status

MARCH – Project pre-case development; ID interviewees  - Completed

APRIL - Project presentations to interviewees - Completed

MAY - Interviewing and surveying - In Progress

JUNE – Tabulation and reports with recommendations

Feasibility Case Study

The Case Study presents the case for the Feasibility Study