April Outreach - Collecting Items for Migrant Field Workers - Beginning April 7th

The Henderson County Public Schools Migrant Education Program (MEP) is designed to improve educational opportunities for migrant children who change schools frequently and often miss school due to their parents’ transient work in agriculture.

The staff works in close partnership with schools, parents, health and social service agencies, and the community at large to identify and serve migrant families.

Unity of The Blue Ridge will be collecting items for parents of these children who arrive this time of year to begin working in the fields.  

Items to be collected: (for men and women)

  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Hats (preferably with a brim all around)
  •  Bandanas

Israel Olivares, Migrant Outreach Specialist for MEP, will be present with us on April 7th to briefly share and answer any questions after services.

Feed the Kids

Unity of The Blue Ridge serves in turn with other organizations in support of Feed the Kids Coalition in Henderson County. Volunteers help prepare the food here at Unity of The Blue Ridge, then the food is transferred to the Boys & Girls Club in Hendersonville, where approximately 300 children are served! 

If you would like to volunteer in any area, please contact Geri Conley at: geri5@att.net


Future Dates for Feed the Kids:


  • May 17th 

Knitting/Crocheting Hats & More for Area Agency

Unity of The Blue Ridge launches a new Community-Service Outreach program.  Unity is partnering with “Caring for Children” and is furnishing winter knitted hats, for babies, toddlers, teens and young adults.  Baby blankets and scarves for all ages are also being supplied.  

Caring for Children has served WNC for over 40 years.  Caring seeks to nurture hope and create a safe environment for children and families in crises by providing high quality care, shelter, education and emotional and medical treatment.

Unity knits winter hats for:

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Teens
  • Young adults
  • Baby blankets + scarfs for all ages provided

Help Unity be a meaningful partner and join our efforts.  No regular meetings are planned.

See Ruth Franz, Cosette Goeble, or Alan Burgess for additional information or call 828-505-0161.

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary

NC's 1st Conservation Burial Ground

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary is committed to perpetual conservation of the environment as each burial becomes part of the living landscape. 



To learn more, please visit: https://carolinamemorialsanctuary.org/