Happy New Year

2019 the Best Year Ever!

We have an author on our Unity Board of Trustees, Terri Crosby. Her new book 100 Words: Small Servings of Whimsy and Wisdom to Calm the Mind and Nourish the Heart,” is available in the bookstore, now.  The price is $20.00 plus tax (a small savings over Amazon price).

During the month of January, Rev. Darlene will be referencing, in her Sunday talk, the book “Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown.  Limited copies will be available, for purchase, in the bookstore.

One change is the sale of the Sunday Service CDs.  We are having problems with the duplicator, so for now the sale of these CDs are suspended.  We'll let you know when it is fixed.   

 All materials that are carried in the bookstore are intended to support this Ministry’s Mission and Vision Statements.

 Blessings, Cynthia Biddle, Manager