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 New Exhibition Beginning in February 2019 thru April 2019

 Judy Starkweather

Judy Starkweather

Mixed media art ventures have been part of my life from the time I was a little girl.  I was an enthusiastic poet, story teller and illustrator even before I started kindergarten.

Little has changed in the decades which have followed except for the more sophisticated pursuit of perfecting my art in whichever media I have chosen at the time. I’ve concentrated on photography. Before moving to North Carolina, I was exhibiting my work in three galleries south of Boston and was also doing real estate and pet photography.

Nature in all its forms plays a most significant role in my life; my passion and respect of all life forms can be seen in my current prints.

I hope you will feel the passion for my subjects and, at other times I hope you will find humor and lightness as well, for I firmly believe life without a good belly-laugh now and then isn’t truly living.