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New Exhibition August 17 thru October 31, 2018

Marilou Solares

Her testimonial:  "During moments of inspiration I travel back in time and reminiscence the pleasure of living:  good and bad times, the Earth, love, gratitude, deception, faith and courage.  Each piece of my work is simply a gift from my soul to the recipient."


Born in Havana, Cuba, her art education began in Puerto Rico at age 10 with Argentinian Professor Antonio Gantes.  Artist Jorge Rechani was her teacher and mentor during her middle & high school years.

She received her B.A. of fine arts from Southampton College, Long Island University.

While living in Florida, she created 12 Religious acrylic paintings for Sr. Richards Chapel at Palmetto Bay, Fl.

She moved to Asheville in 2014.

What motivates her:  faith, fine arts & crafts, music theatre, yoga dancing, the ocean and our mountains.